Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crazy Train!

the original drawing sent to me via email.

and the finished product.

this was a christmas commission. this drawing was done by a young boy who loves trains. i love his drawing, and i had a wonderful time working on this painting!

i received a wonderful email on christmas day from the grandparents that recieved this as a gift:

"My daughter bought one of your paintings of one of my grandson's pictures.  It is fantastic!  My husband and I both love's already been hung on the wall!

I just wanted to thank you!  It's one of the best Christmas presents we've ever recieved."

I am always happy to hear that i have made someone happy :)


  1. whoo-hoo, I am your first follower :)
    This has helped motivate me to get back to my blogging.

  2. This is a great painting Ellie, very nicely done!