Monday, April 22, 2013

Element 12: Charlie's Robe

In 2006 there was a movie released called "Arthur and the Invisibles".  We would rent this movie on a regular basis for my youngest son to watch.  When the sequels came out a couple years later we were somewhere close to first in line to watch them.

Last night the children's TV Channel, YTV, played all three movies, and we managed to catch the sequels.  During the 3rd installment "Athur 3: The War of the Two Worlds" there is a scene with Arthur's grandfather, Charlie.  He is wearing a robe.  The colours of the robe struck me.  Muted yellows in a checkerboard pattern complimented by an aqua coloured collar.

It's funny how sometimes someone's aesthetic can be just ahead of the times. Years ago the robe didnt strike me. It didnt even stand out.  But this time around, for one reason or another, the colours were right on trend and they caught my eye.  i was instantly inspired to use the colours for a new Element painting.  In my mind i also knew what i wanted that element to look like, so i got to sketching and came up with something i was pleased with.

this morning i eagerly walked to my studio ready to produce Element 12.  It's great when inspiration hits and everything falls into place.

I wish i could find a screen shot of the scene i am referring to, but i am unable to!

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  1. Absolutely love this!! And the story behind it is inspirational too.