Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As many of you know, I have taken a fancy to designing my own fabric using my frosticular elements.  The process has been a lot of fun for me, and incredibly fulfilling as each sample arrives in my mailbox! But not only that, I have received encouraging feedback on my designs, as well as interest.  Though I am still in the "R&D" phase of this idea,  it is looking promising!

Recently I teamed up with Kitty, a photographer, and Brynn, my model-for-a-day, to feature one of these fabrics that I turned into a little dress. It gives you a taste of what these fabrics could look like as a finished product!  (skirt fabric is a frosticular design).

I am incredibly thankful to Kitty for volunteering to snap these beautiful photos, and to Brynn for volunteering to be my model!  They were both wonderful to work with, and I really appreciate that they gave up their time to help my vision become a reality!  The beautiful necklace Brynn is wearing is a piece by Nakamol, and was on loan from Global Experience for the photoshoot.  It matched so beautifully I had to ask, and they graciously obliged!  

Thanks everyone for being a part of what makes my world go 'round!

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  1. Hey Ellie!! It's Kelly (Hatcher) MacGregor!! I would LOVE some yardage of your prints... My artist friend and I here in Texas have been having fun finding retro dress patterns (inspired by modcloth.com) and your stuff would suit some of them well!! Send me info!!